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About Us

In the hallowed halls of TIMELESS SOUNDS LLC, our story began back in 2009, when two visionary musical geniuses, Edward Johnson and Gabriel Oree, joined forces.  Their shared passion for crafting timeless melodies merged seamlessly with their business acumen, birthing a musical powerhouse like no other.


Edward and Gabriel, each a maestro in their own right, harnessed their talents, assets, and collective 20+ years of musical expertise to give birth to a music production company like none other. 

Today, they don many hats, managing the renowned Timeless band, and collaborating with emerging artists on groundbreaking projects. 🌟

Our studio? It's a futuristic haven, where innovation meets artistry.  With a sound-proof booth that's your sanctuary and the latest technology that fuels creativity, we guarantee nothing short of stellar results and maximum productivity.

Experience the magic that transcends time and sound with us!  Follow our journey and stay tuned for the harmonious wonders we're about to unleash.


#TimelessSounds #MusicalMasters

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